Empowering Bali’s Surfing Community: Rip Curl Girls Go Surfing Explores the Mangrove Forest

Mangrove Mob

Rip Curl and Rip Curl School of Surf, as part of the Rip Curl Planet project, are set to host the much-anticipated Girls Go Surfing 2019 event on Saturday, September 21, 2019. In this empowering initiative, over 30 enthusiastic girls from Bali, led by influencers Nadine Chandrawinata and Westny Dj, will join hands with #MangroveMobBali to engage in a day of environmental activism, surfing, and community building at Wisata Hutan Mangrove.

Exploring the Mangrove Forest

Commencing at 7 am, the day will kick off with a mission to clean the pristine Mangroves at Wisata Hutan Mangrove. This crucial activity aligns with Rip Curl’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Mangroves play a pivotal role in the ecosystem, acting as a natural barrier that traps sediment and pollutants, preventing them from flowing into the sea. Furthermore, these trees contribute to protecting seagrass beds and coral reefs, forming an interconnected system that sustains marine life.

Rip Curl Planet’s Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

At the heart of Rip Curl Planet is a dedication to giving back to the ocean that surfers cherish. The initiative seeks to translate the joy derived from the ocean into tangible efforts to preserve and protect it. Rip Curl collaborates with key organizations such as Plastic Bank, Ocean Gardener, Sea Tress, and Sea Soldiers to address the prevalent issue of plastic pollution in Bali.

Spreading Awareness on Plastic Pollution

Recognizing the severity of plastic pollution in Bali, Rip Curl Planet actively partners with organizations working on the front lines. Plastic Bank, Ocean Gardener, Sea Tress, and Sea Soldiers collaborate to raise awareness among Bali’s girls about the detrimental impact of plastic on mangroves and coral reefs. By engaging Nadine Chandrawinata and Westny Dj, Rip Curl aims to amplify the message, inspiring young girls to become advocates in the fight against plastic pollution.

Encouraging Environmental Engagement

The Girls Go Surfing 2019 event serves as a platform to encourage environmental engagement among Bali’s youth. By showcasing the direct link between plastic pollution and the degradation of mangroves and coral reefs, Rip Curl seeks to instill a sense of responsibility and inspire a collective effort toward sustainable practices.

Surfing for a Cause

Following the morning’s eco-friendly activities, the participants will transition to Rip Curl School of Surf, Sanur, for a day of surfing. This not only adds a fun element to the event but also underlines the connection between the joy of surfing and the responsibility to protect the ocean. Surfing becomes a symbol of unity and commitment to maintaining a healthy and clean ocean for future generations.

Collaborating for a Cleaner Bali

Rip Curl’s collaboration with Plastic Bank, Ocean Gardener, Sea Tress, and Sea Soldiers reflects a collective commitment to solving environmental challenges. By actively involving influencers like Nadine Chandrawinata and Westny Dj, Rip Curl aims to inspire a wider audience and foster a community that cares deeply about Bali’s environment.

Girls Go Surfing 2019 is not just an event; it’s a movement towards a cleaner, more sustainable Bali. Rip Curl, along with its partners and influencers, is pioneering efforts to combat plastic pollution and promote responsible environmental practices. Through activities like mangrove cleaning, coral planting, and, of course, surfing, Rip Curl is nurturing a generation of eco-conscious individuals who will continue to champion the cause of preserving Bali’s natural treasures. Join the movement, ride the waves, and be a part of the change for a better Bali.