Foil Lesson

Foiling has evolved significantly since its inception. We pride ourselves as one of the early adopters of foiling and now operate one of the top facilities in the world. Our programs offer either an introduction; catering to people that have never even seen a foil before, let alone understand how it all works. All the way up to our specialised programs that give you an intensive clinic over a period of a few days.


Begin your journey with foiling theory covering, foil equipment, foiling knowledge, the four essential skills, safety on the foil, and the technique for safely riding behind the boat. Depending on your choice of discipline you will learn the specific launch skills onto the board behind the boat, then how to keep the foil down before ascending to glides, turns, pumping, and wave riding for those fast learners.


Moving on to your specific foil discipline the second level combines foiling with waves, wings, kites, and paddles. You will now learn the skills to harness the energy of the wind and waves to launch your foil and let you glide. Next learn how to steer your foil to maintain your lift, prolong your glides, pump through slow sections, and self-rescue and recover skills.


Level 3 focuses on the art of tapping into swell energy, roll turns, and pumping back to connect swell. For prone and SUP foilers level 3 is also about your positioning on the takeoff. Wingers and kiters its heel side riding and mastering the jibe turn.


Our purpose-built tow boats are available for private sessions for experienced foilers or students wanting to practice. Our boat driver will take you to the smoothest conditions to practice or put you on the wave size right for your skills and experience. Foils and boards of all sizes are available for rent for experienced foilers or students wishing to practice their new skills.