Surfing Lesson

Catching your first wave is an experience you’ll never forget, and knowing the correct technique will have you up on your feet and surfing in no time. You can choose from a range or courses all designed to improve your surfing whatever level you’re at. Our coaches will assess your ability and show you how to improve, whether it’s catching more waves, perfecting your bottom turn or faster cutbacks.From theory in the classroom to practice of the beach, our surfing syllabus covers everything you need to make the most of your surf sessions and get you stoked. 

Level 1 – BeginnerBOOK NOW

If you have never surfed before or you still consider yourself a beginner, this course will set you up with the essential knowledge. You’ll learn the art of riding ocean waves with the fundamentals to take your surfing to the next level. 

The course focuses on basic surfing technique, paddling, popping-up, wave riding stance, turning your board on the wave, ocean knowledge and safety. After taking this course you’ll be surfing beach break waves, feeling comfortable in the ocean and know the correct surfing etiquette.

LEVEL 2 - IntermediateBOOK NOW

So you can ride waves and you’re not bothered about going straight when others are turning left right and centre. Or you want to smooth out those sketchy cut backs and bottom turns? Push yourself to control the extra power of reef break waves and learn how to stay safe.

This course teaches you about using natural ocean channels to get out back (without the frustration), reading how a wave breaks, wave take-off positioning and improving manoeuvres like bottom turns, carving and cutbacks. See for yourself, when and where you are going wrong in your session, and by the end of this course you’ll know exactly how to keep improving on your technique.

LEVEL 3 - AdvancedBOOK NOW

You’re already pushing the limits of your surfing and are now ready to throw yourself in the deep end. This course is designed to help you to step up your game. Learn how to drive off your bottom turn to slash the lip of a wave, master fast rail-to-rail surfing and smoothly link your manoeuvres. 

Borrowing elements of the Rip Curl Team Rider Manual, this specialised course will make sure you can really nail those manoeuvres and tricks that you’ve been working on. See for yourself when and where you are going wrong with video analysis of your session, and by the end of this course you’ll know exactly how to keep improving your technique.

TOW IN - Tackling Big WavesBOOK NOW

As the title suggests, we’ll take surfers with little to no experience and give them a taste of the fundamental skills required to tackle big wave surfing. Popularised by the emergence of notorious tow in spots making their way into mainstream media. The aim of the game is not to trivialise the dangers of taking up this discipline. Anyone can jump on a jetski with a rope, our training recognises key aspects from the global authorities. As such, over the course of three days, you’ll be instructed through basic apnea exercises, to control your breathing, as part of the initial training. Recognising what the body goes through in a panic state and how to control it, is one of the most important elements of getting in amongst big waves. Following on from that, we’ll work with you on the water to communicate basic hand signals, so that you know what to do and where to be at all times. Towing in and the technique required is only a basic part of this comprehensive course.  


Give your grom (young surfer) the best head start to become a little ripper with a course designed specifically for kids. With one-on-one tuition with one of our coaches, your kid will get answers to all their surfing questions and always be under close supervision. It also allows for a lesson to be adapted specifically for your child’s ability. The course is all about getting your little ones stoked to surf, through confidence building, skill improvement and having lots of fun.