Stand Up Paddle Lesson

Stand up Paddle boarding isn’t just about flat water paddling on rivers and lakes. Of all the activities we offer, it’s the easiest way to catch a wave. Choose to cruise if you like or take it to the waves. We also offer race boards from Starboard if you want to challenge yourself and improve your fitness.

LEVEL 1- Flat Water PaddlingBOOK NOW

If it’s your first time on the water, we’ll introduce you to the equipment and make sure you’re comfortable before getting anywhere near the water. Level 1 is all about preparing you for where you want to take your paddle board, whether that’s the waves or sticking to the flat water. You’re more than welcome to use the Level 1 course to re-familiarise yourself with Stand up paddle-boarding if you haven’t been near a board in a while.

LEVEL 2 - Wave SurfingBOOK NOW

You’re happy cruising around, making basic turns and you are looking to build your confidence on the paddle board. Taking it to the waves or learning more about how to perfect your technique, we’ll look at your body position, where your feet are on the board and we’ll have you catching waves more consistently in no time.

LEVEL 3 - Big Wave RiderBOOK NOW

Building confidence by being on the right board is crucial to developing your skills. We’re equipped with an extensive selection of Starboard paddle boards. So if you’re looking to take things up a notch and surf something out of your comfort zone, our instructors are on hand to help find the right kit for you and take you out in conditions that match your ability.


Recommended for those who are serious about SUP riding and want to accelerate their learning. A private SUP lesson will take you straight into the power moves of paddling into larger waves, mastering bottom turns and performing cut backs with speed.