What on earth is an E-Foil? It’s the most fun you can have on the water, with the least amount of effort. Taking away the guess work of how to propel yourself in the water, means you can focus on the important stuff, learning how to control the board. Being in control of the board means you can be confidently flying above the water, making turns and having a blast in no time at all. You’ll surprise yourself at how quickly you’ll be in the air.


Using a wireless controller in your hand, simply pull the trigger and away you go. Our experience’s include on land training and a safety briefing to ensure you not only have the most fun but you do so safely. You’ll start out with basic board control, learning what the board wants to do when you lean, what happens when you increase the speed and most importantly, what happens when you want to get off. Our instructors won’t be far away from you on a nearby boat, so when you’re ready for the next steps, they’ll be able to guide you through turns, elevation, when to stand and where to place your feet.


Building on your experience from LEVEL 1, you can keep practicing the basics, or if you’re happy with board control and moving around with ease, we recommend going straight to LEVEL 3. However if you’re looking for more understanding of the dynamics of E-foiling and to build up your skills, build up your confidence with LEVEL 2. Once you’re confident that you understand what the board wants to do when you move your body around on it, that’s when you can start working on the body position and how it impacts the board. Increasing the power also means that you will now be going faster and the board will be flying sooner (as speed makes it lift), air time means learning time. Once the board is out of the water and the mast is skating through the waters surface, you’ll quickly realise how tiny movements make a big difference. Practice makes perfect and the more time you have in the air, the more comfortable you’ll feel.

– Even if you’ve foiled before we still recommend LEVEL 1 because there is a staged progression to learning how to stand on the board that we won’t cover comprehensively in LEVEL 2. Get the basics beforehand, maximise the enjoyment.


There are 15 power settings to the Lift E-Foil motor, the goal of LEVEL 3 isn’t to increase the speed but to perfect control. The key to controlling the board is understanding what the trigger does to your speed but more importantly how your body position affects your altitude. Learning how to pitch the board is a directly transferable skill, that corresponds to pumping on conventional foils. Pumping means propulsion when you don’t have a motor. Controlling pitch also gives you more control in your turns, as you lean the board over you’ll learn how to get big wide turns down to tighter, more acute angles. Fundamentally it comes back to enjoyment, staging your progression means you know what to do and you know where you’re going. When looking to take your foiling to the waves, this understanding will directly correlate to your ability to take on the swell.

Upon completion of the LEVEL 3 course, we can now start looking to get you on some waves on a conventional foil board. It’s up to you whether that’s continuing your E-foil journey or jumping behind the boat or looking to wind power!


We offer a similar experience for little rippers between the ages of (13-18), this condensed experience is designed as a taster session on a smaller board. Designed with safety and technique in mind. This is to ensure satisfactory control for optimum safety, we use lower power settings and operate one on one with an instructor directly with the student. Once this course is completed, with a waiver signed by a parent or guardian the LEVEL 1,2 and 3 courses will be made available for ages 13+.